Beef in Buenos Aires and beyond

How is Argentina developing its beef export market? Is it a threat to British producers and does Argentinian beef really taste as good as John Torode says it does? These are just some of the questions I want to answer when I jet off to Argentina as part of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists and Perkins Innovation Scholarship.

After a few weeks travel, the first stop on my work part of the trip will be Linears market – apparently one of the largest, if not the largest livestock markets in the World. My plan is to attach a GoPro to one of the gauchos – could be an interesting start to the trip! Next, I will be speaking to the Ministry of Agriculture to find out more about the industry and its beef export plans. Then it will be an action packed few days travelling out of Buenos Aires visiting abattoirs, breeders, finishers and the like – hopefully with a few steaks and a few glasses of Malbec along the way.

To wet the appetite before I go, here’s John Torode’s experience of sampling beef in South America – it’s enough to get my mouth watering!


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